Toondiculous Podcast: Episode 1 – Dungeons and Dragons

Each episode, musical aficionado Dennis Harvey and I take on a beloved–or not so beloved–ridiculous cartoon from cartoon history, pointing out the crazy, the inane and the downright awful. Of course we love them too, so there’s that.

Image of the Dungeons and Dragons kids

A look at the premiere of 1983’s Dungeons and Dragons, leads to some interesting questions of late adult-aged depression–onset by tabletop role-playing games–and the effect this mental illness has on our younger generations. Also, we finally take on those smug unicorns.

This episode is dedicated to Frank Welker, a king among men, at least in the voice acting community.

Check back next Friday for a mini-episode full of Dungeons and Dragons extras, such as a more thorough look at those involved in the writing process. We’ll also do a very special table reading of the last few minutes of the never produced finale to the series, which resolves all those Dn’D questions that are raging inside you, ready to be freed.

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