Toondiculous Podcast: Episode 1.5 – Eric, We Hardly Knew Ye

Each episode, musical aficionado Dennis Harvey and I take on a beloved–or not so beloved–ridiculous cartoon from cartoon history, pointing out the crazy, the inane and the downright awful. Of course we love them too, so there’s that.

Image of Bobby and Uni getting nabbed by a giant

The long awaited follow-up to last week’s–or last month’s–Dungeons and Dragons episode. From super cuts to Toondiculous theatre, we’ve got it all in a taught 15-minute package this week, so check it out.

This episode is dedicated to the hard working men and women of the Dn’D writing room. Our lambasting is all in good fun… hopefully.

Check back next Saturday morning–and it WILL be here–for the next episode featuring a fantastic Josie and the Pussycats viewing. It’s bound to be groovy, in that packaged and branded 60’s, death-of-the-dream, kind of way.

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