Fall 2014 Anime Preview: The Meh

Now that Mushishi Zoku Shou S2 has FINALLY premiered, I can get on with my preview of the Fall 2014 anime season. I watched at least 10 minutes of the first episode of all the series listed over at , and while some were QUITE a dissappointment, the season as a whole looks promising. Today I’ll look at the series that are neither watchable nor incomprehensibly awful, but just… meh.

Image of our hero fighting with a goddamn BEAR

Terra Formars

The dystopian-future setting, mixed with the inner-species war, had me excited for Terra Formars, but the end result is rather stilted and cheaply animated. Add to that the censorship that plagued Tokyo Ghoul, and I’m putting this show on the back burner.

Image of the deformed police cop who's after Joker

Kaitou Joker

I’m really digging the character designs of this series, but Kaitou Joker is clearly aimed at a younger audience, and not in that ‘adults will have something to get out of it too’ way, either.

Image of Kaito eyeing the police cop who's after him

Magic Kaito

I’ve a feeling that with patience, this show could evolve into something interesting. As it stands though, the first episode carries on with little insight or info about its characters, and the story seems catered to Detective Conan fans–the series that Kaito is a spin-off of.

Image of a hero about to be shot by a cute girl

Trinity Seven

Yet ANOTHER series this season where the guy:girl ratio is way out of whack and in the favor of the male protagonist. Trinity Seven at least has an interesting synopsis and a few strong, female characters, but I’d have too hard of a time watching the seven young women fall over the protagonist one-by-one as the series continues.

Image of elf princess with catman and wolfman

Log Horizon S2

This is another example of pure viewer taste. I’m simply not interested in the setting of Log Horizon S2, the characters are certainly dull, and the fact that I haven’t even seen the first season, made this one all the easier to drop.

Image of a super heroine looking upset

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

Yuuki is just as run of the mill as all the other “cute, young girls” shows this season. The one exception is the show’s superhero worship, which is intriguing enough, but ultimately nothing to warrant a consistent watch.

Image of the cute baker girl... not baking

Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie

I was really looking forward to a new food-based series–as there are too few in anime–but this premiere episode only focused on pretty boys. It could trade up from a focus on the patented shoujo love interests to discussing proper mixing techniques, but I’m not holding my breath.

Image of the disc hovering above the city... the only interesting part of Sora

Sora no Method

The moe girls from the onslaught were just too much for me. There’s a disk hanging above their city, so if that seems worth it to you, have at it. The animation IS pretty, so there’s that.

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